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        Fused Fiber Optic Faceplates
        Date:2013/12/30 16:39:53   [back]

        Fused Fiber Optic Faceplates

        Fiber Optic Faceplate:  A coherent fiber optic plate that precisely transmits an image from its input surface to its output surface.

        Sung Shan Industrial Co., Ltd. provides the high quality fiber optic faceplates that are fabricated to customer-specific requirements. Typical customized shapes range from round, square to rectangular and vary in sizes up to 100 mm in diameter; typical element sizes range from as small as 4.0 μm up to 25 μm or larger; standard numerical apertures (NA) is 1.0 Faceplates are manufactured to meet vacuum tube requirements.
        Fiber Optic Faceplates are used for high resolution, image transfer in applications that include CCD coupling, CRT / LCD displays, image intensification, remote viewing, field flattening and x-ray imaging. In opto-electronic applications, faceplates are used as both input and output image

        Typical Parameters:
        1. Fiber sifze: 4um, 5.5um, 6.0um, 6.5um, 10um, 18um
        2. Numerical Aperature: ≥1
        3. Vacuum Tightness:<1.33×10-11 Pa.m3 He/S or per customer specification
        4. Average Thermal Expansion Coefficient(20°-300℃):(88±3)×10-7/℃
        5. Collimated light Transmissivity:  >65%
            Lambertian Light Transmissivity:>57%
        6. Shear Distortion:≤30um
        7. Gross Distortion:≤40um
        8. Frame runout:≤100um
        9. Material Quality
        Chicken Wire, blemishes and distortions (gross & shear). Will quote customer requests.
         10. Surface Quality
        Polished surfaces are controlled by the scratch/dig tolerance of standard and meet a 20/10 scratch/dig tolerance.
        11. Surface Flatness:  Will quote customer requests.

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