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        Fiber Optic Inverter
        Date:2013/12/30 16:40:06   [back]

        Fiber Optic Inverter
        Inverters are a special type of fiber optic plate that rotate an image through a
        predetermined angle, such as 180 degrees.

        Fiber Optic Inverter can be used in the image inversion system. It made the input image inversion 180° in output surface. It is mainly instead of the optic-lens system in the low-light level night vision instrument. It greatly reduces the volume, weight and cost of image intensifiers and miniaturizes the night vision devices. But also has the good property of resolution and the clear image transmission. It widely used in all devices requiring image inversion.
        1) The fiber size – 4um, 5.5um, 6um
        2) The theoretical Numerical Aperture  ≥0.60
        3) The vacuum Tightness:   <1.33×10-11 Pa.m3 He/s
        4) The resolution at axis: 100LP/mm.
        5) The thermal expansion coefficient(20°-300℃) : (85±5)×10-7/℃.
        6) Transmissivity measured with collimated input:   >65%.
        7) Transmissivity measured with Lambertian input:  >57%.
        8) Shear distortion: <50um.
        9) Gross distortion: <50um.
        10) Frame run out: <250um.
        11) Image Inversion: 180±1°.


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